GHOST IN THE SHELL 25th Anniversary Project

*This product is under development. There may be slight change in the artwork.

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Important Notes

  *This product is a limited production worldwide. If it is sold out, we will stop taking orders.

  *We will not be able to accept cancellation once the order has been confirmed.

  *If you happen to receive damaged goods, please notify us within 7days of arrival.

  *This product used hand made WASHI ( Japanese traditional papers). There may be some slight smears of the paper which is a nature of the

          product. (This will not be recognized as damaged product)

        *Due to the printing materials that is used for this product, the color may fade out. Please store this product carefully and especially not 

          under direct sunlight.

        *This product is hand printed. It may have slight off-points, color change, etc. It is nature of Ukiyo-E and is recognized as a unique taste

          of hand printing. (This will not be recognized as damaged product)