Delay in Shipment Schedule of "GHOST IN THE SHELL Ukiyo-E"
Dear Customers,
(Dec 15th 2015)


    Thank you for shopping at OtakuWorks Shop.
    We have an announcement to make to our customers who has placed pre-order on our product “GHOST IN THE SHELL Ukiyoe”. As informed, we were planning to start our delivery of "GHOST IN THE SHELL Ukiyo-E" around end of December - end of January, but because of the heavy rain that hit northern Japan in September, our hand carving/ hand printing artisans suffered from flood and had to stop their work or a while. Although they are now back in work, our delivery will be forced to be changed to January/End (2016) - February/End (depending on the timing that you have placed your order.) Also the hand printing artisan has been changed from Hideo Yoshida to Tatsuya Ito, who is also a Certified craftsman as a "Preservation Craftsman Skills from the Agency of Cultural Affairs".
    Since our artisans are back in work and doing their best to deliver the best quality product, we hope you understand the
change of schedule. We will be informing you by mail, once the product is ready to ship.
    Thank you so much for your understanding.
OtakuWorks Shop