Introduction of the Ukiyo-E Artisans

Kazuo Watanabe (Hori-shi)

 Born at Ibaragi, Japan in 1945. Started studying Mokuhannga (wood carving) at the age of 15, became a Edo-Mokuhan-Horishi at 21. Watanabe is certified from Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a Edo-Mokuhanga Traditional Craftsman,and is also the chairman of Ukiyo-E Mokuhanga Hori-Suri Skills Preservation Committee (certified from Agency of Cultural Affairs). 


*1991  Live wood carving performance at the JAPAN WEEK held at Essonne, France

*1992  Presented Wood Carving Works for the special exhibition held for the Emperor and the Empress of Japan.

*2010  Certified as a Edo-Mokuhanga Traditional Craftsman 


Hideo Yoshida (Suri-shi)

 Born at Ibaragi, Japan in 1939. Started studying Mokuhan-Suri under Yoshiaki Watanabe who is the father of Kazuo Watanabe. Collaborating as a Mokuhan-Surishi with Kazuo Watanabe. Certified craftsman as a Preservation Craftsman Skills from the Agency Of Cultural Affairs.