About UKIYO-E (Japanese Woodblock Print)

  UKIYO-E is a woodblock prints paintings that flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th centuries. Popular themes of Ukiyo-E at that time were depictions of popular women, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers; scenes from folk tales and landscapes. These themes reflects what was popular at that time, the Edo period. Most Ukiyo-E production were a co-production between E-Shi (design), Hori-shi (carver), Suri-shi (inked / pressed onto hand-made paper) and the Hanmoto (publisher). 

UKIYO-E is said to have many impact on the present Otaku-culture in Japan.

The themes, artistic technique and the production system is said to be the original roots of Japanese Manga and Anime.

Ukiyo-E Production and Anime-Ukiyo-E

Shita-E (Design)

 OtakuWorks' re-created Ukiyo-E uses the original design of Ukiyo-E. For the Special Anime-Ukiyo-E is collaboration design between the Anime production company and our Ukiyo-E designer. We are aiming to create a new genre of Ukiyo-E! 

Hori (Woodblock Carving)

  All OtakuWorks' Ukiyo-E is re-created (re-carved, re-printed) in the original traditional technique from the Edo period. All product including special Anime-Ukiyo-E is purely hand made. No printing machine is used.

Suri (Hand press printing)

 Our Ukiyo-E's printing is done by hand one by one by the traditional artisans. Please enjoy the technique and the beauty of hand printed traditional color of Ukiyo-E. 

Washi ( Japanese Hand-made Paper)

  Washi is a Japanese paper which is made using fibers from the bank of mitsumatashrub, paper mulberry and other materials by hand. Washi is generally toughe than ordinary paper made from wood pulp, and is used in many traditional arts. Origami, Shodo and of course Ukiyo-E. The Ukiyo-E products that we supply uses Echizen-Washi, hand-made by Living National Treasure Ichibei Iwano , which gives unique beauty to the Ukiyo-E art.